Egress Endurance group runs are FREE and for all running levels! No matter if you are training for one of our events, or just want to run with some great people, we would love to run with you!

We will be running on mostly trails, however we will mix in some road runs on occasion. We have 'group run leaders' to accommodate all different levels of runners! (Some group runs will also offer customized distances/paces.) We know that sometimes it can be intimidating to run with others, especially if you are just starting to run, but we promise we leave no woman or man behind! We want our group runs to be encouraging and a positive experience for everyone involved! (That means if you need to walk, we will walk with you :) ) We live by the quote: "It doesn't matter how fast you go, you're still lapping everybody who is on the couch!"

Our main goals with our group runs is to not only help people get in some training miles, but to also build our amazing trail running community! 

Group Runs will Start up again Wednesday Nights at 6:10pm on April, 17th, 2019!

We meet at Riley Trails:  16300 Riley St, Holland, MI 49424

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We cant wait to see you there!
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us via Facebook or email