One meaning of “Egress” is: “the action of escaping out of”.  I found my escape out of adversity in life through running.  I found distance and ultra running as a positive outlet that replaced the negative and degrading outlets I had become addicted to in my life for many years. Running made me feel amazing mentally and also helped to start to repair my body physically from years of abuse. The more I emerged myself in the running community, the more I found amazing people who shared in battling many of the same issues I faced in life, which in turn grew my passion for trail running even more.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience all I have through getting outdoors, setting goals, and pushing the human body to limits I never dreamed possible through running.  My hope is that Egress Endurance can create amazing endurance events while helping to change peoples lives, and give them the same positive outlet I found in running.

-Jason Anthony Parks

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