Egress Endurance's first main event - The Riley Trails Marathon - took place on August 18, 2018. There was an overwhelming positive response to both our mission and for the race charity partners (Benjamin's Hope and One17 International).

Trail and ultra running helped me "find a way out" of a horrible path I was on, which is where the name "egress" came from. Running taught me that not only could I overcome my addictions, but that I was much stronger mentally and psychically than I ever imagined I was. Running taught me that by embracing the pain and putting in the hard work, I could reach any goal imaginable.

The first year of The Riley Trails Marathon was a huge success. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the Egress community (runners, volunteers, sponsors and charity partners). This event could not have happened without the outpouring of support that was received.

Jake Gillette (the first place finisher for the 2018 Riley Trails Marathon) wrote a great race recap about his experience with this race. Here are a few things he had to say:

"Overall, I would say Egress Endurance put on a fantastic first event for their race management company. You could tell the event was well thought through and the fact that the race director is a runner helps as well. The course was marked with orange flags on your left side and I think probably the most distance you had before you saw a flag was like 300 meters or something like that during a part of the trail where it was obvious where to go. They had two aid stations on the 4.25 mile loop which was stocked with a variety of goodies. For a $53 entry fee you got a race shirt, a Merrell Tubular, wooden medal, free race photos, and great goodies for post race food like Pizza. The top 3 in marathon got handmade wooden awards by residents of Benjamin’s Hope. They took sticks and glued them of the logo and your placing on the wood. We also got nice gift card to Merrell. If you are looking for a trail marathon or even a relay with some friends I recommend checking out Riley Trails marathon next year."

{Click here to read more of Jake's race recap.}

Thank you everyone for supporting our mission at Egress Endurance! Be sure to check out the first event of 2019 - The Riley Trails 50k - This event is taking place on April 19th and registration is open!

We cannot wait to get the 2019 Egress Endurance race year started.

-Jason Anthony Parks

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