The Runner Chronicles: Britany Spangler

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This week's inspiring story was submitted by Britany Spangler. Thank you for sharing how running has positively impacted your life and those around you!


I began running after losing 75 pounds. In those 2.5 years I have lost another 75 pounds. I have run 5 marathons, two obstacle course races, 2 50ks and am training for my first 50 mile race.

However, running has become much more than just the miles I have accumulated. Running is a mental health tool for me. Running has been present on my bad days, my good days and those days in between.

I am an extremely lucky runner. I have a running partner who pushes me not only on my good days but on my dark days as well. I have a best friend who constantly reminds me to “ run happy”. My mom, husband, and kids have yet to miss me crossing a finish line.

When I run it means my whole family sometimes sacrifices for my self care. My four kids (8,6,5,4) sometimes have to wake up early and stand outside for hours just to catch a glimpse of me crossing the finish line. However, I know that they are seeing their mom strong and active. I used to worry that they would resent my running. This year on their Mother’s Day projects from school, they described me as “strong, fast, runner and champion”. It was then that I realized while running is giving me the gift of mental health, it is also giving my children a gift too.

-Britany Spangler


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