The Runner Chronicles: Jason Anthony Parks

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We couldn't think of a better story to share first than Egress Endurance' very own founder, Jason Parks. Keep on reading to hear how running is continuing to make a positive impact in his life.


I made the decision to stop drinking for good Sept. 12, 2016. This was also the year that I ran my first trail marathon, and have never looked back since! I have been sober since that day and have run 6-marathons, 3- 50ks, and 2-50+ mile ultras.

I found out quickly that running  directly correlated to the adversities we face in life. If you want to achieve a goal, it is not just "going to happen." You have to put in the hard work.

Running also taught me that we are capable of so much more than our minds and bodies tell us. There have been times in a race where I would want to quit after only running a few miles, and then go on and run more miles than I ever had in my life.  

This same mental and physical struggle goes for life. Our minds and bodies are constantly telling us we need more comfort and that if something is hard, we need to stop it and quit. 

I believe in the exact opposite. Looking back, I have found out who I truly am during the hard times in life, not when everything is going perfectly.

I continue to run because it has given me an amazing positive outlet in my life, and a way to challenge myself daily.  The running community is also one of the best support systems I have ever had. 

I hope to continue to help others find the positive outlet I found through running and hopefully inspire others to challenge themselves daily.

-Jason Anthony Parks


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